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2-Pack Silinoogie Pacifier

By Joovy
Model # 2131
Fashion: Purple
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Silinoogie Pacifier. This durable, transparent pacifier is soft to the touch and provides a safe, comforting alternative to thumbs, fingers or hard objects, to pacify and calm baby.

Designed for newborn babies and manufactured of clean, light silicone, this durable one-piece pacifier is clear and contains no tints – colour is achieved with a PPSU insert. Classic natural silicone offers a soft feel in a nipple shape, designed to soothe and pacify baby, for an easier transition between Boob bottle, mom’s breast and pacifier. The silicone is resistant to absorbing tastes, odours or stickiness and is BPS, BPA, Latex and Phthalate free. The easy-grip handle is molded into the Silinoogie for easy handling and attaching to pacifier straps. It also helps minimize any pressure on baby’s face while sleeping. 

• 2-pack pacifier
• Ultimate soothing and comfort. Super-soft transparent silicone pacifier for newborn babies 0M+.
• Clean light silicone. Baby is only in touch with clean light silicone that does not contain colour tints, and resists absorption of tastes, odours or stickiness.
• Designed for newborns. Classic natural silicone offers a soft feel in a nipple shape designed for soothing baby. Easy transitions between Boob bottle, mom’s breast and pacifier.
• Alternative to thumb sucking. The Silinoogie provides a satisfying and comfortable alternative for oral soothing.
• Easy-grip handle. Durable one-piece design.
• Comfort shield. Extra comfort shield is curved to fit under baby’s nose for comfort. Colour is achieved with PPSU insert.
• Easy to clean. Hygienic silicone is top shelf dishwasher safe
• Available in 6 colour options


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