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5" EquiGroomer

Model # EG5PPL
Fashion: Purple
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EquiGroomer. The Shedding/Grooming Tools preferred by pets around the world!

It’s more than just a shedding tool! Use it every day to keep your horse, dog or cat's coat ready for the show ring! Guaranteed safe on skin and all coat types.

The EquiGroomer is a simple tool that safely and gently removes loose hair, dirt and dander from your pet's coat, leaving it soft, shiny and smooth. It works great on all coat types and is especially suited for animals with sensitive skin, or for those who don't like being brushed. It's so safe and gentle, they won't even realize they're being groomed, they'll just feel the love.  Removes hair from pet beds too!

The 5" EquiGroomer. Perfect for dogs, cats and other small pets.

  • Perfect for dogs, cats and other small pets
  •  Guaranteed safe on your pet's topcoat and skin. Unique blade gently grabs loose, scaly hair without damage to the topcoat or contact with skin.
  •  Improves the quality of the coat. Regular use improves the look and feel of your pet's coat and helps to prevent matted fur, while enhancing natural shine.
  •  Durable and long lasting. Hardwood handle is impervious to dirt and bacteria and can easily be wiped clean. The blade is made of hardened steel and coated with a tough enamel paint, which helps prolong its life.
  •  Reduces stress. The EquiGroomer is perfect for animals with sensitive skin. Your pets will finally enjoy, rather than dread, being groomed. And because it mimics a cat's tongue, it may be the only tool your cat will appreciate.
  •  Great for pet beds too

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