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7" WaterWisk

Model # EGWW7
Fashion: Natural Cedar
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EquiGroomer. The Shedding/Grooming Tools preferred by pets around the world!
EquiGroomer 7" WaterWisk™ Equine Sweat Scraper.

Unlike rubber, plastic or metal sweat scrapers, the WaterWisk’s soft, durable polyurethane blade will never harden or crack and is so flexible it can be used on every part of a horse’s body, including hips, legs and faces. The natural cedar handle is waterproof, mold- and bacteria-resistant.

  • Save time and stay dry during your horse's bathing time!
  • Easily removes excess soap and water, and helps prevent the inevitable stream of water that runs down your arm.
  • Built like a brush, so it’s comfortable to hold and more maneuverable around your horse’s body.
  • Works on bony areas such as hips and legs
  • Versatile. Originally designed as a sweat scraper for horses but can also be used on your other pets, in the kitchen or in the shower. Use it wherever you have soap or water you want to “wisk” away.
  •  Cedar handle is waterproof, mold and bacteria resistant.

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