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9" EquiGroomer

Model # EG9CED
Fashion: Cedar
  • In Stock

EquiGroomer. The Shedding/Grooming Tools preferred by pets around the world!

It’s more than just a shedding tool! Use it every day to keep your horse, dog or cat's coat ready for the show ring! Guaranteed safe on skin and all coat types.

Cut shedding season in half and improve the quality of your horse’s coat with this essential grooming tool. The EquiGroomer safely removes dead hair, dirt and dander without the stress or discomfort many standard shedding blades can cause. Tiny barbs on each tooth gently grab loose, scaly hair from the ends so there’s no damage to the coat or contact with the skin. Daily use actually improves the quality of the coat by bringing up the natural oils in their skin. Great for saddle pads and blankets too!

  •  Guaranteed safe, even for sensitive-skinned horses such as Thoroughbreds.
  •  Improves the quality of the coat. The unique blade removes loose hair, dirt and dander, which also brings up the natural oils in their skin, leaving a shiny and smooth coat.
  •  For grooming all parts of a horse's body, including their legs and bellies
  •  Durable and long lasting. Hardwood handle and steel blade can easily be wiped clean.
  •  Great for saddle pads and blankets too

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