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Dry Dog Shampoo Refills, 4 x 75g Sachets

Model # 40095
Fashion: Rosemary & Thyme
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Does bath time cause drama? Now you can clean and freshen your dog without a single drop of water. The Max & Lucy Dry Shampoo Powder removes loose dirt from your dog's fur and enhances the look of their coat.  Environmentally friendly dry shampoo, Max & Lucy is 100% natural with rosemary and thyme essential oils that are biodegradable.

Simply use the powder blowing bulb to puff Max & Lucy dry shampoo onto your dog's fur. Brush or massage into the fur and wipe away any excess. Thanks to Max & Lucy's innovative technology, which encapsulates the natural oil in the powder, the oil's vapor is released slowly for longer lasting freshness.

Max & Lucy Dry Shampoo Powder - cuddle your adorable furry friend and breathe in the freshness!

• Completely dry, convenient and fast solution to clean your dog
• New advanced formula for longer lasting freshness
• 100% natural choice in pet grooming between washes
• Safe and great for their coats
• Free of all chemicals and synthetic fragrances
• Includes 4 dry shampoo sachets containing 75g of powder.
• A single sachet will be ample for 3 to 5 applications on a large dog, and 10 or more for small dogs.

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