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Garden Fresh™ Freezer Pots

Model # 534397
Fashion: Green/ Blue

Why trust your baby’s nutrition to anyone else when making your own food is this easy? Nûby’s new Garden Fresh™ 3-Stage System offers the convenience of preparing, storing, and feeding your baby fresh food any time.

Benefits of homemade goodness:
• All fresh and no preservatives: you know exactly what goes in.
• Introduce different textures & explore new flavours.
• Less waste! Home prepared food can be stored and frozen.
• Rewarding & satisfying.  Seeing your baby eat fresh homemade food that's made with love!

Nûby’s Garden Fresh™ Freezer Pots are specially designed for making fresh-frozen baby food in quantity and at home. Making baby food in quantity is easy and convenient and the Garden Fresh™ Freezer Pots make it even easier. The pots are designed with an Easy-Pop bottom to quickly and easily release your frozen food. The freezer pots include seal-tight lids to help prevent freezer burn and help keep freezer odors out of your baby's food. Nûby’s Freezer Pots also come with a handy storage tray to help keep your pots in place while in the

  • Easy-Pop bottom to quickly and easily release your frozen food
  • Includes storage tray
  • Stackable with leakproof lids
  • Dishwasher safe & freezer safe
  • Other products available in the Garden Fresh™ range: Garden Fresh™ Mash n' Feed, Garden Fresh™ Freezer Tray
  • For children 4 months +

Our Customer Reviews

By on July 20, 2018

Great for baby food prep

If you're into making your own food for baby, these are great for meal preps. I love leaving some in the fridge for family when they babysit. It's so easy for them to just grab and serve. My fridge becomes a fast food restaurant :). You can prepare the food in advance and freeze as well, which makes these versatile.

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