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Garden Fresh™ Freezer Tray

Model # 534345GR
Fashion: Green

Why trust your baby’s nutrition to anyone else when making your own food is this easy? Nûby’s new Garden Fresh™ 3-Stage System offers the convenience of preparing, storing, and feeding your baby fresh food any time.

Benefits of homemade goodness:
• All fresh and no preservatives: you know exactly what goes in.
• Introduce different textures & explore new flavours.
• Less waste! Home prepared food can be stored and frozen.
• Rewarding & satisfying.  Seeing your baby eat fresh homemade food that's made with love!

Nûby's Garden Fresh™ Freezer Tray is specially designed for making fresh-frozen baby food in quantity at home. Making baby food in quantity is easy and convenient and the Garden Fresh™ Freezer Tray makes it even easier. We tray is designed so that each compartment is a 2 oz (57 g) cube and each tray contains 9 compartments. The Freezer Tray includes a Stay-Fresh lid to help prevent freezer burn and keep freezer odors out of your baby's food.

  • Freezer tray for fresh homemade baby food
  • Up to 9 perfect sized portions
  • Stay-fresh lid
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Other products available in the Garden Fresh™ range: Garden Fresh™ Mash n' Feed, Garden Fresh™ Freezer Pots
  • For children 4 months +

Our Customer Reviews

By on June 07, 2018

Great tray for snacks or popsicles

I use this for different reasons and the kids love it. easy to make delicious homemade popsicles !
By on July 21, 2018

Love the shape

I like how deep the pods are. They're designed for making baby food, but we use them all the time for ice pops, and even for making breastmilk ice pops for when baby is teething. The sticks (for handles) go in a lot deeper than standard freezer trays.

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