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mifold One™ Booster

By Mifold
Model # MF06CGRY
Fashion: Grey
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What is mifold One™?

mifold One™ is the non-folding Grab-and-Go Booster™, the most advanced, compact and storable booster seat ever invented. It is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster and just as safe. mifold One™ is the first non-folding mifold ever!

mifold One™ is the perfect choice for daily use. It's completely flat and easy to store in the car when not in use. mifold One™ is your everyday booster.

• For children 4+ years, 40-100 lbs. and 40"-57" tall
• Great for on-the-go and so much more! The booster seat you can store anywhere, perfect to leave in the car without losing space.
• thin + flat = easy to store
• Durable. Hard outer shell protects mifold One™.
• Comfortable. The comfortable seat made from Supportive DenseFoam™ stays cool even on hot days and is easy to clean.
• Advanced Engineering. Built using SuperTough™ plastic polymers and aircraft grade Aluminum, mifold One™ is mighty small and mighty strong.
• Adjustable. mifold One™ can be adjusted to securely restrain all children. Lap belt guides have three adjustments.
• Fast. Quick-Clip2™ allows quick, easy and accurate adjustment for children of all sizes as well as simple one-handed use, without having to look.
• A regular booster lifts a child to be in the position of an adult. mifold One™ booster does the opposite, without the bulk and height, and holds the seat belt down.

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