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Pet Gate Passage

Model # 8P5264
Fashion: Bronze
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Petgate Passage can be pressure mounted easily between rooms, doorways and other spaces. The color of this heavy-duty steel gate is a beautiful matte bronze; it’s sure to complement any home décor and will stand the test of time. This pet gate has an exclusive small door (9.5” x 8”) which swings freely allowing your pet the freedom to come and go as they please. Want to contain your pet – no problem. The small door also locks for containment with the Grip-n-Twist™ latch offering you peace of mind. Perfect for households with puppies or multiple pets.

Key features of this pet gate include an extra-wide 21” door opening so that you and your pet can pass through with ease. A swing control lever on the bottom of the door allows the gate to swing in one or both directions. The large handle design easily fits into the palm of your hand for a comfortable grip.

This pet gate pressure mounts by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place. It’s ideal for a variety of room openings or in doorways measuring 29.75 to 39 inches wide using the two extensions included and is 30 inches high. Want to expand this gate in an extra-wide opening – no problem. Additional 6” and 12” extensions are sold separately so that you can customize the size of your gate.


  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Various 
  • Width:  Adjusts to fit 29.75 - 39 inches wide
  • Mounting: Pressure Mount 
  • Height:  30 Inches
  • Material: Metal 
  • Color: Matte Bronze 
  • Easy to use - extend tension knobs until gate fits tightly
  • Pet door (9.5" x 8") swings freely or Grip-n-Twist Latch locks for containment
  • Extra-wide 21" door opening allows for easy pass through
  • Swing gate in one or both directions with swing-stop feature
  • Steel construction in a matte bronze finish will complement any home décor
  • Two extensions are included 
  • Please note: "When you unpack this gate you will notice that it is not square. This is normal and the gate is not damaged. It is manufactured at a pre-set angle so when it is installed properly in the opening, it will maintain the correct amount of tension and prevent it from being pushed out of the opening under normal use. Please read and follow the instruction manual carefully."

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