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Snuggleez™ Plush Pacifinder with Replaceable Pacifier

Model # 535853
Fashion: Giraffe & Llama
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Perfect for cuddle time, the Snoozies™ Plush Pacifinder allows your baby to cuddle up to a snuggly soft character while soothing. The soother attachment features a VELCRO® brand closure, for easy removal and sterilization.

Pacifier combo set includes the natural Flex™ pacifier, with its soft, textured natural shaped baglet, which is designed to feel more like mom. The natural FLEX™ baglet stimulates the natural flexing movement of mother's nipple while baby feeds, and nubs along the nipple collar help soothe baby's tender gums, while the gentle curve allows for better airflow between baby's delicate skin and pacifier.

  • Pacifier combo set - comfort & security, perfect for cuddle time
  • Snuggly soft pacifinder to soothe and comfort baby
  • Natural Flex™ pacifier flexes & stretches like mom. Soft silicone helps calm fussy baby.
  • Soother attachment with VELCRO® brand closure, for easy removal and sterilization
  • Plush character attaches to most pacifiers with handles
  • For babies 0-6 months

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